What is seriously dating someone

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The performer is very good at keeping his personal life a secret.

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The rumor that the Afrika is dating someone is on the high these days.It's been about six years since I last asked around about this, so I started another round amongst friends, figuring/hoping that we're all a bit older and more honest about things, now that we're a ways out of college.But I figured I'd throw it out to the Yelp masses as well to get a wider gamut of opinions (and see how long before it gets derailed haha).But the quick question is just that: would you get seriously involved with someone in a wheelchair, given the challenges that the two of you would have to deal with?I can throw out some examples if people want some, but I'm trying to limit how much I influence answers :) As such, while I have more to say, I'll say it after people think about it on their own a bit.A source close to the rapper has stated that the lady Bambaata is dating now is one of the associates from his rap establishment, “Zulu Nation”.

The mutual love of hip hop is believed to be the foundation of the relationship that Bambaata is on right now.

“When you are turning sixty, you value human company more. He thinks the girl he is seeing right now is the person with whom he can spend rest of his life in peace”, a close friend to Afrika Bambaataa said to our sources.

And just a note, I'm not looking for any consolation or sympathy here (especially not of the "oh you'll find someone someday" variety, as I feel that's a completely irresponsible thing to say).

I'm used to what I hear now - I'm more interested in hearing the reasons that people have behind the why or why nots.

(haha, this is one situation where "I'm in a wheelchair!

It’s not often that you hear something about Afrika Bambaataa in the news.

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