What is optically stimulated luminescence dating

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A sediment core taken from a tidal mudflat in Ho Bugt in the northernmost part of the Wadden Sea in Denmark is used to explore the application of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating to young fine-grained estuarine sediments, using Cs Sellafield peak from 1980 as independent age control.

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The average OSL age of 9±3 years for the surface mixing zone indicates that the OSL signal of the quartz grains was well zeroed at deposition.The technique is finding widespread application in a variety of radiation dosimetry fields, including personal monitoring, environmental monitoring, retrospective dosimetry (including geological dating and accident dosimetry), space dosimetry, and many more.In this book we have attempted to synthesize the major advances in the field, covering both fundamental understanding and the many applications.The latter serve to demonstrate the success and popularity of OSL as a dosimetry method.The book is designed for researchers and radiation dosimetry practitioners alike.The OSL ages give new information on past deposition regimes on the Ho Bugt mudflat: fine-grained sediment started to deposit at ∼0.5 mm year.

Approximately 40 years ago, the sediment became more fine-grained, perhaps because of emergence of the tidal flat; the accretion rate at that time was already well above the local rate of sea-level rise of ∼1 mm year Pb supply.

With this method, it is also possible to date sediment cores from sand flats, providing a new approach to the problem of evaluation of stability and calculation of sediment budgets for estuaries and coastal lagoons.

Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) has become the technique of choice for many areas of radiation dosimetry.

It delves into the detailed theory of the process from the point of view of stimulated relaxation phenomena, describing the energy storage and release processes phenomenologically and developing detailed mathematical descriptions to enable a quantitative understanding of the observed phenomena.

The various stimulation modes (continuous wave, pulsed, or linear modulation) are introduced and compared.

The properties of the most important synthetic OSL materials beginning with the dominant carbon-doped Al2O3, and moving through discussions of other, less-well studied but nevertheless important, or potentially important, materials.

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