Validating a passport

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Finally, I found a way to turn things around and diminish this pattern, and I am so much happier for it.The changes I made to handle this issue, and my current reflections, are presented in this series of articles for the consideration of anyone who can relate.

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Often, the person giving the silent treatment does so because they want (consciously or unconsciously) their victim to feel unworthy, to appease them, or to feel guilty about something.In a family situation, the uncomfortable atmosphere created when parents are intermittently but persistently not speaking (which may ultimately lead to separation or divorce) can negatively affect children.Additionally, emotional stress brought about by persistent silent treatment can affect physical health.If you are now in the initial stages of a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend who engages in the silent treatment, the best thing you can do is to nip this negative behavior in the bud before it becomes a pattern of your union.On this page, you will find solid, practical advice on how to cope with passive aggressive silent treatment and how to stop letting it overwhelm and intimidate you.This article also contains observations and advice about what to do when you're not speaking on special occasions and points to what can be done to strengthen the relationship during good times.

Year in, year out, I just could not understand or work out the reason why my husband and I could not seem to go more than a few months without an extended episode of not speaking (almost always over some trivial, inconsequential matter).

During much of our marriage, his silent treatment left me feeling depressed, bewildered, and tearful to say the least.

Alternatively, they may want their victim to apologise for something, even though often they choose not to clarify what is wrong!

A person who is repeatedly on the receiving end of cold-shouldering can wind up feeling resigned to being isolated, intimidated, insignificant, and/or despondent.

Other times, the victim may feel angry, defiant, resentful, and/or vengeful.

Over time, they can become totally worn down; no one should have to endure such conduct.

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