Updating records using linq

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Read Key(true); } //static string Get Connection String(string server Name) //{ // System.

Connection String; //} static void Save Person(Person p) { if (p. If you provide person Id as 0 this function will insert a new row else it will update existing row. Now, Office Assignment = new Office Assignment { Location = "Jamshedpur" } } ); context. Read Key(true); //Person p = new Person {First Name ="xuz", Last Name = "abdefg" }; //p. When I tried to call above function to update Person with ID 1, I encountered with below exception To get rid of above exception, you need to call attach with original entity as well. Text; namespace Relatedtable { class Program { static Data Classes1Data Context context; static void Main(string[] args) { context = new Data Classes1Data Context(); context. Office Assignment = new Office Assignment { Location = "Mumbai" }; //p. Office Assignments select r; foreach (var a in res1) { Console. We need to pass modified entity as well as original entity to make a call. Office Assignment = new Office Assignment { Location = "Delhi" }; //p. Submit Changes(); Person p = new Person { Person ID = 1, First Name = "Dhananjay " , Last Name="Kumar"}; Save Person(p); var result = from r in context. So I created a function as below, And while attaching you need to call above function as below Full source code is as below, using System; using System. Persons select r; foreach (var r in result) { Console. Submit Changes(); } } static Person Get Original(int id) { Data Classes1Data Context db = new Data Classes1Data Context(); return db.

Recently, I have discussed about getting started linq to sql in c#

That articles also covered for creating select query for retrieving both single and multiple results.

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If you have requirement to insert a Person without any Office Assignment then it is quiet straight forward task like below If you need to insert Office Assignment while inserting Person, you can create instance of office assignment and insert along with Person like below, Now I have created function to perform both Insert and update operation. Insert On Submit( new Person { First Name = "The ", Last Name = "Poet", Hire Date = Date Time.

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