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Installation work has started on the camera in Haybridge Road, Hadley, Telford, where Jayden-Lee Mc Ivor died two years ago after being struck as he walked over a pelican crossing.His parents Ross Mc Ivor and Rachel Joules have been campaigning for increased safety measures on the road ever since and today welcomed the announcement.

Vicki Bristow, spokeswoman for the Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Installation has just started, there are a few things that have to be put in place first before it can become operational.“We have been using mobile speed enforcement vans down there for a couple of years now, but it is one of those sites where speed is still an issue and particularly an issue in the evening, which makes it appropriate for a fixed camera.“We took some data recordings a few weeks ago and 15 per cent of the vehicles there are still travelling at 34mph or above.”Ms Joules said of the news: “I am just really pleased, it should make sure the road is safer and hopefully there will be no more road deaths along that stretch of road.“There have been so many accidents along that road.“After Jayden died I contacted the police to request the number of accidents that had occurred and the numbers were just unbelievable.“We welcome the installation of a fixed camera, it is something we have long called for and hopefully it will result in less accidents and no more deaths.”Jayden-Lee was hit by teenage driver Raja Khan, who lived on his street in Hurleybrook Way, Leegomery, as he crossed the road in February 2013.Khan, who was 19 at the time, was sentenced to three years in a young offenders institute after admitting causing death by dangerous driving.Shrewsbury Crown Court was told a silver Citroen stopped after Jayden-Lee pressed the button and started to cross – but was then hit from behind by Khan’s red Ford Focus, which careered off and hit the child.Khan did not notice they had changed, or even that the car in front had stopped, the court was told.Hundreds of friends and family turned out to pay tribute to popular Jayden-Lee at his funeral service at Christ Church in Wellington.I believe in being totally open and honest so this is me.

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