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The Honors College is dedicated to innovative courses, hands-on experience, service learning, and — most importantly — the individuality and diversity of our brilliant students.

That passion and curiosity mean that Honors College students want to know things, do things, and explore things without limits. You know the type — the student who wants to double-major in neuroscience and philosophy, with a minor in business.They’ll help you learn about your subject and about yourself.(We had one biology major who uncovered a love for filmmaking during an honors seminar — he’s added a digital media minor and is combining both of his passions into one.) You’re the one going out there to make a difference in the world after graduation.It only makes sense to prepare you with a targeted, personalized curriculum.Or the student who doesn’t see a major that suits her wild mosaic of interests and wants to design one of her own.You want an education with maximum flexibility, and we want to give you one.

View the Personalized Curriculum Details Working with your honors adviser, you’ll start to develop your interests and talents into goals.

Then you’ll build a pathway to get there, going through honors offerings to find courses that interest you, inspire you, and engage you.

Your next step is to string them all together in a four-year curriculum that will take you places no standard, one-size-fits-all curriculum ever could — no additional courses, no extra semesters, just four years of satisfying your degree requirements with classes and experiences like none other.

You’ll check in with your adviser every semester to make sure your pathway is headed in the right direction, but what they won’t do is tell you what course to take in what semester.

They’ll show you the array of options available to you, and then the next steps are up to you.

And it’s not just classes — your adviser will help you find leadership and service opportunities to make it all meaningful.

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