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Who – when she hasn’t been a high schooler in more than a half century – knows high school students today? Other choices the students could make included workshops on Mindfulness, Parks Conservancy, Anti-Racist Dialogue, LGBTQ issues and Immigration Law (to name a few.) I figured if 5 or 6 girls showed up it would be fine.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and know the abundance of places you can purchase vapor in the first place, to get a little more background information myself.I don’t travel to Utah that frequently, but it’s a great State and I should change that.The villain here is a man named Paul Ray, who has fought hard to get rid of the vapor industry in his State.He has has the audacity to call the vapor industry: This is NOT the tobacco industry. Whether the FDA wants you to think that, or not, is another story.Yesterday I talked about California potentially taxing vapor products, and today, sadly, I’m here to report that Utah is banning the purchases of electronic cigarettes online.Thanks to this instagram post by fellow vapor fan, “Vape Porn,” I found out this heartbreaking news.

Seriously, if I’m residing in Utah and have no legal way to purchase a product that will avoid me having to go back to analog cigarettes, I’m up in arms, raising fits, and just having a good old fashioned tantrum about now.

I did read that e cigarettes can be purchased in a face to face transaction, on another website. Does anyone residing in Utah have any feedback, from the ground?

But this industry is and never will be aligned with tobacco.

So please, do some research before you spew your bullshit and associate us with that crap.

Tags: abortion rights, Advocates for Youth, Drew School, HPV vaccine, Perilous Times: an inside look at abortion before - and after - Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood, Reproductive justice, Reproductive rights, Sea Change Let’s hear it – one more time – for the Millennials.

Especially the youngest Millennials, just now reaching or approaching voting age. Invited to speak at a recent “Awareness into Action” day at Drew School, a private college preparatory day school in San Francisco, this writer went with some trepidation into a classroom set up for about ten high school students.

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