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In the meantime, the […]Los Angeles Confidential did a write up about the Haas brothers. The Haas Brothers are included in the best of Basel round-up in this online version of Interview Germany.Read what “buff, confident guy with long hair and lots of tattoos” Niki and “shy and soft-spoken” Simon had to say. The beasts featured in this article are (from left to right) Hairy J.

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Starring the hilarious Nadya Ginsburg, written by Chris Coats and Johnny Smith and directed by Chris Coats. If you would like to be ahead of the art world game…the cool art world game, check […]Dolph and Grace, two superstars of the Haas Brothers’ beast feast series, are now on display at the Kasher Potamkin gallery in Chelsea, NY. Simon made his acting debut three years ago in a short film titled “Coulrophobia: Or The Greatest Dinner Party On Earth.” He plays Jerry. The studio is excitedly composing the pieces together as I type these words. However, check […]The Elder Statesman interviewed Niki and Simon and got some very honest, real and candid answers from the duo…probably their most honest, real and candid answers to date! Niki and Simon’s first American solo show “Cool World” is just months away from making its debut at R and Company in New York City. The debauchery: On a different website that requires you to be 18 or older and pay a monthly fee of $19.99 from a major credit card company. “I escaped New York because […]The Collective Team at Collective 2 Design Fair picked their favorite pieces, and Kulapat Yantrasast chose the haunting beauty of Hairy J. Read about their picks, “What I Saw on my Summer Vacation”, here! The Haas Brothers’ book release party, including an open bar (say whaaaat?! Making the […]posted an article today about the Haas Brothers, being “among the more exotic inhabitants of Los Angeles.” Also shared in the post are their most recent stint in Basel, Switzerland, what motivates their design aesthetic, and their reasoning for why Los Angeles towers in comparison with other cities to live in.

Good to know the Haas Brothers are ahead of the trend, with their “gritty design” aesthetic.

Coulrophobia or The Greatest Dinner Party on Earth from Chris Coats on […]The date: September 12, 2014. The grand opening isn’t until Saturday, but you can read about it right here, right now. And congratulations to friends and collaborators of the Haas Brothers, Steven Kasher and Andi Potamkin, […]Ugly is the NEW pretty. If you don’t believe me, check out this article in Canada’s The Globe and Mail, where writer Ellen Himelfarb dissects the new trends of unattractive.

It’s a star studded event at R and Company these days. Artnet posted an interview with Niki and Simon, discussing their solo show “Feinstein” at Galerie Gmurzynska last month.

So many famous names ostentatiously grabbing for the limelight. In addition to “Feinstein” being their first solo expedition, it was also their largest produced stone collection. Mason Poole, good friend and collaborator with the Haas Brothers, accompanied Simon and Niki to Switzerland last month.

Competition is usually ugly, but never before has it looked so stunning. Meryl Sheep, Christo-fur Walken, Halle Hairy and Michelle Pfeif-fur are only a few of the famous fur-niture that […]California Dreaming wakes up east in the Big Apple! ” – Bill Shakespeare The beasts of the “Beast Feast” series are known for their gorgeous flocculent fur and shiny cast bronze appendages, as they are for their unique fun names. Blige, Debbie Hairy, Hairy-Kate Olsen are a few of the “pun-tastic” names that the beasts are given. He documented both their Galerie Gmurzynska show “Feinstein” as well as their Design/Miami Basel “Sex Room” installation.

(A delicious apple can cure a serious case of the munchies plus it’s healthy, but I digress.) W Magazine did a write up about The Haas Brothers’ California coolness currently on exhibition at R and Company Gallery. They are working on a project that is not ready to be disclosed at this time, shhhhh!

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