Sedating ssri

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I notice that Zoloft seems to increase appetite the most. In my opinion, Zoloft is the least sedating and the best in regards to sexual disfunction.

I do recall that while I was on Prozac, I constantly yawned and drank quite a bit of coffee to counter it's effect.No real feeling of tiredness, and only a little sexual disfunction.I hope this helps, but I have a feeling that you may get a lot of differing opinions. Anyone have any input about which SSRIs are most or least sedating? Does anyone know which SSRIs are the least sedating and which are the most sedating?If you could back your statement up, either with documented proof or personal experience, I'd appreciate it greatly.

I think they all have similar potentials after a while.

I haven't noticed major weight gain on any of them. I know several people who gained weight on it, as well.

Paxil for me wasn't quite as bad, although it was still sedating (I believe though, that Paxil is generally regarded as the most sedating SSRI by most people).

A little irritating nuggett experienced by some people, including me, is the insomnia paradox.

While these two meds did cause daytime sedation, at night they kept me awake. As far as sexual disfunction goes, I thought Paxil was worse than Prozac-especially at increasing doses.

Again for what it's worth, I thought Zoloft was the better of the three.

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