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We usually have allot a budget and create an itinerary beforehand.The minor dates are the unplanned or spontaneous dates.

This Manila Bay Yacht Cruise Dinner is a major date.Actually this post is a super throw back since this date is a celebration for my birthday (July).Kevin found this coupon a month before my birthday at Metro Deal and scheduled it on an amenable date for us and to Legworks, the company that offers the Yacht Cruise.Pre- Experience: We travelled from Quezon City to CCP Bay Terminal, Manila Bay Area and we arrive at the place around 4pm.Though we have printed the instruction from Metro Deal on how to go there and followed it, we really did not recognized the place a few times so we called Ms.Edith of Legworks and gladly she is so accommodating and answered the call on the second ring.

Legworks is beside the Harbor Square in front of the CCP Complex. They answered our inquiry call about the direction.

In the left side of Harbor Square, you will find a spacious parking lot, get inside and on the left side you will find the Leg Works office. I also overheard that there is also another customer asking for direction on how to get there and they politely replied despite the slow pick up of the caller.

Are you so busy on your work duties that all your dates usually goes on restaurant near your office vicinity or along the way home?

When there’s no variety, you’ll feel that your dates are monotonous or “nakakasawa” in Filipino.

It is good thing that our dates has two types: the major one and the minor one.

The major one are usually during monthsary, birthday and some especial events.

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    We usually have allot a budget and create an itinerary beforehand.

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