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The dichotomy between custom ROM developers and OEMs has always been interesting.In the early days, developers focused on the major issues that plagued Android: smoothing out the UI, overclocking, memory management, etc.

One such feature is the ability for custom ROM developers to seamlessly push OTA (Over The Air) updates to their users.For a dev to do OTA updates currently, he (or she) would need to have his own hosting infrastructure in place. Wipe data and or cache/dalvik before flashing the update.What the crew with OTA Update Center has done is centralize the entire process into a Add and remove OTA Updates in a centralised database. Check for updates manually when the person wants to. Did I mention that the crew behind this service does not charge for it? If you’re a ROM developer looking to take your game to the next level, head on over to the original thread or to the OTA Update Center homepage.Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team behind the service, so if you’re interested in contributing have a look at their credits page.Software Update and download and install the latest i OS software on-device, without the need for i Tunes.Info.plist file from Asset Data folder contains Package Version field which can be 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0.

These updates do not contain file and are deprecated. All updates with 2.0 package version have payload folder inside Asset Data instead of gz file from 1.0 updates.

It contains only two folders: added folder with unencrypted files which are to be added during update process and patches folder.

The device checks an XML-based PLIST file on mesu.for updates.

The updates are delivered in plain unencrypted ZIP files. OTA update bundle contains an Info.plist file and two folders: META-INF and Asset Data. Zip Metadata.plist which describes bundle contents. Asset Data contains three Bill-Of-Materials files (they can be viewed with lsbom and created with mkbom).

states filesystem before update, - after and describes the patches to be applied during update process.

It also contains boot folder where bootchain-related files are stored (i Boot, kernelcache, etc.), payloadv2 or payload (depends on Package Version value of Asset Data/Info.plist file) and Info.plist file which describes the update.

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