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Gina doesn’t see the harm in continuing on with her internet boyfriends as long as he knows that he’s her real life boyfriend.“What qualifies as cheating has to be revised for the digital age since the majority of people with Facebook, voxer, bbm, skype, twitter, and aim have or will use those communication devices for private sex sessions.

Temptation is hard enough, constant contact with the object of your desire can break the best of us. It’s so removed that most people consider cyber sex/cyber flirting like watching a porn– fictional simulation. Those who like to talk nasty, and those who wish they could.Then quickly escalated into some freaky shit that I don’t even want to repeat, this girl knew what it took to get herself off and wasn’t shy about telling me to “type how you would like to eat it from the back now tell me what it taste like”.I went from being excited to frustrated that she was directing me on what to type.I’m a creative person I’m sure I could have done some damage, but no— she was in control.The net is a place where thirsty niggas and parched bitches can bust nuts at DSL speeds, but it all ends as soon as you power off. The internet is where even the most reserve women can unleash their inner lil kim.Those other people are no threat to your relationship, right? Where else could a chick go into a room, have sex, come out and not feel dirty about herself?

The internet., it was my junior year in college, me, my laptop, and some random girl in a chat room.

It started like most conversations—my age, my location, my penis size.

I got an email from a reader asking for advice on a problem. I’m not talking Pandora and Hulu; she likes to have online sex.

Let’s call her Gina for lack of a better anonymous name. She says that she is “very attractive” but shy, so it’s hard to meet guys her age normally.

Fast-forward she has a boyfriend now, a guy who she actually met online and now they are dating in real life.

Her problem is that he now knows that he wasn’t the first person who she had a sexual instant messenger relationship with, and he wants her to stop being an i-hoe (Adara has yet to give me a suitable replacement for slutatious behavior so I’m rolling with hoe).

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