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so lets be fair about the whole lot of it, we are at an age of discipline, mature we are supposed to be and not kids anymore.

Masseywhat a joke dating site more like a cheaters .I have sent an email/message to Oasis to ask then what is going on and to let me onto my account, but I am still waiting!! however there is a lot of creeps and fakes and scammers and not to mention shallow people on both genders.most of it is for free which is a big bonus and i was very impressed on their new inbox system as well.i would recommend this site compared to most people also oasis is very easily to navigate around on compared to other dating sites Hi there, i have been on this site for a short time and would definitely like to meet a lady/ partner for the long haul, i am at an age where i've been there done that and done this with some regrets, and so have all of us, reading the reviews that some beautiful women have laid on here, where guys are either married , cheating on their partners be it either girlfriend's, boyfriend depending what side of the fence they're looking from.Tho there are some genuine guys on this site who would really want to be in a serious relationship as myself with a woman, but some women are laying blame on all guys and there are some decent guys here too, not saying they are all angels, but there are a lot of women who are doing the same, displaying their incorrect age, sizes profiles and lying as you get caught out after a few dates etc., etc.Today I logged onto my account to give it one last try, when out of the blue, Oasis threw me off the site back to the log on page.

I proceeded to try and log back on using my username and password, Oasis advised me my password was incorrect!!

I then tried the "forgot password" button and oasis emailed me every temp password for my previous accounts not my current one!!!

My profile is still on the site but I cannot get into my account!!! oasis is a good site if you know what you looking for.

There are so many married and partnered men on this site and they lie about it ...people don't put current pics of themselves ..there profiles are full of crap as well...lie about there height age occupation...to all can't hold a proper conversation and expect you to meet up for sex after a hello then get abusive when you reject them...

I have only ever met 2 people for coffee ( though didn't stay for the coffee )... Personally I can be put off when I see a woman's profile and she has more than 100+ likes on her pic. You will be surprised at how quickly many women far, far away will love your pics and click like.

First guy was 20 yrs older than what I thought and the second a stalker ...dangerous for woman ...ladies if go on the site be very cautious you really don't know who you are chatting to or meeting ....in a very public place ...never invite someone to your home ....remember none of these men are police checked and never just think that your the only one he is talking to .. Every pic "like" registers in her account and tells her which member liked her photo. So, she has a huge list of men to view just from the guys liking her pics. TIP FOR THE GUYS: It can be difficult for guys to get a reasonable number of interested hits and likes on his photos from local women. Two regions that love clicking guys pics are Asia and South America.

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