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(1) KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS Are you looking at dating as only a means of finding a future spouse?While it could potentially be the end to the means of dating, finding a future spouse should not be the main intention of dating.

Dating is a time to learn more about yourself through a relationship with others.It will show what you need to “give” in the relationship and what you can “take” from the relationship, too! A boundary for a practicing Catholic is chastity, refraining from sexual activity before marriage.(2) STICK TO YOUR BOUNDARIES Communication is an important factor in any relationship but especially a dating one. Doing this helps build intimacy within the relationship without having sex.Being up front about one’s beliefs will weed out dates that are not worth your time from those that are.It is a time to see what qualities you need and like in others.When not limiting yourself to a certain type you will discover new and valuable aspects of each person.

Perhaps you have learned that in relationships you act a certain way that does not really reflect you are or who you want to be.

In this case, one can use dating as way to become more genuine in relation to the opposite sex.

Ladies, you met the guy of your dreams and he thinks you’re pretty cool too.

He hinted that he’s interested in seeing you again, but the question is should you go on a second date with him?

Dating—that is, scheduling time to spend with a person of the opposite sex to get to know them–can be a wonderful time in a person’s life.

It challenges us to grow as individuals and to learn more about others. Here are four basic points to keep in mind when dating.

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