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Hieroglyphs emerged from the preliterate artistic traditions of Egypt. The first full sentence written in hieroglyphs so far discovered was found on a seal impression found in the tomb of Seth-Peribsen at Umm el-Qa'ab, which dates from the Second Dynasty.In the era of the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom, about 800 hieroglyphs existed.

Instead, it is pointed out and held that "the evidence for such direct influence remains flimsy” and that “a very credible argument can also be made for the independent development of writing in Egypt..." Recent discoveries such as the Abydos glyphs "challenge the commonly held belief that early logographs, pictographic symbols representing a specific place, object, or quantity, first evolved into more complex phonetic symbols in Mesopotamia." Hieroglyphs consist of three kinds of glyphs: phonetic glyphs, including single-consonant characters that function like an alphabet; logographs, representing morphemes; and determinatives, which narrow down the meaning of logographic or phonetic words.After the loss of the knowledge of hieroglyphic writing, the decipherment of hieroglyphs remained an enduring puzzle which would only be solved in the 1820s by Jean-Francois Champollion, with the help of the Rosetta Stone.(tà hieroglyphikà grámmata) 'the sacred engraved letters'.The word hieroglyph has become a noun in English, standing for an individual hieroglyphic character.As used in the previous sentence, the word hieroglyphic is an adjective (in the same way photographic is an adjective), but is often erroneously used as a noun in place of hieroglyph. In 1998, a German archaeological team under Günter Dreyer excavating at Abydos (modern Umm el-Qa'ab) uncovered tomb U-j of the Predynastic ruler called Scorpion I, and recovered three hundred clay labels inscribed with proto-hieroglyphs, dating to the Naqada IIIA period of the 33rd century BCE.; Egyptian: mdw·w-nṯr, "god's words") were a formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians that combined logographic and alphabetic elements.

Egyptians used cursive hieroglyphs for religious literature on papyrus and wood.

Hieroglyphs are related to two other Egyptian scripts, hieratic and demotic.

Early hieroglyphs date back as far as 3,300 BCE, and continued to be used up until about 400 CE, when non-Christian temples were closed and their monumental use was no longer necessary.

As writing developed and became more widespread among the Egyptian people, simplified glyph forms developed, resulting in the hieratic (priestly) and demotic (popular) scripts.

These variants were also more suited than hieroglyphs for use on papyrus.

Hieroglyphic writing was not, however, eclipsed, but existed alongside the other forms, especially in monumental and other formal writing.

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