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Once he recovers, Jackie determines that he must dispose of Captain Shrote before he can face Paulie.After failing to kill Shrote at his apartment, Jackie steals a briefcase containing illicit goods in Shrote's ownership from a Turkish bath that is used as a front by his corrupt police officers.

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On the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie is targeted for assassination by "Uncle" Paulie Franchetti (voiced by Dwight Schultz), a New York Mafia boss, following a failed task to retrieve money for the latter.While hiding in a cemetery bathroom, the Darkness (voiced by Mike Patton), an ancient demonic force that has inhabited his family for several generations, awakens within Jackie and slaughters the remaining mobsters, with the benefit of Jackie becoming the possessor of seemingly unholy demonic abilities that work only in the dark.Using these powers, Jackie proceeds to destroy Paulie's business by killing his biggest drug peddler, Dutch Oven Harry (voiced by Richard Leighton), and burning down the slaughterhouse where he stores his money.In retribution, Paulie and his main enforcer, Captain Eddie Shrote (voiced by Jim Mathers) of the New York City Police Department, kidnap Jackie's girlfriend Jenny Romano (voiced by Lauren Ambrose).The Darkness is a first-person shooter video game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 2K Games for the Play Station 3 and Xbox 360.The game was released in June 2007 in North America and Europe and is based on the comic book of the same name.

A sequel titled The Darkness II was released in February 2012.

The player takes the role of Jackie Estacado (voiced by Kirk Acevedo), with the story presented as a future-narrative on the present events observed by the player.

They take her to the orphanage where Jackie and Jenny grew up and murder her in front of a powerless Jackie, who is unable to save Jenny due to the Darkness deliberately restraining him.

Jackie then commits suicide out of sheer emotional stress, finding himself in the Otherworld, the realm of the Darkness, which is home to patchwork undead beings in World War I outfits fighting each other and physical manifestations of the Four Horsemen.

He meets his great-great-grandfather Anthony Estacado (voiced by Kirk Baltz), who reveals that it was he that brought the Darkness into the family and tells Jackie how to free himself of the Darkness by invading the castle in the Otherworld and facing the Darkness there.

Jackie is interrupted in his journey through the Otherworld and brought back to the living.

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    SHADOW HEARTS: COVENANT (shadow hearts 2)=============================================Hints During the game, you can get a LOT of items. I will do my best to list everything specifically.==========================================================----------------------------------------------------------OUTFIT SELECTIONS=================Character: KARINLocation: WALESOutfit: Dating Outfit---------------------------------HOW: After completing Neam Ruins (twice; then get Yuri's weapon). ) Second, you have to get Yuri's funal weapon from 'the stars'. Speak with her; a short cutscene should play whereas you see Anastasia and Saki talking. As soon as Saki's finished speaking, she'll give you the 'Autumn Kimino'.====================================================================================================== I like Blanca, so I've put this list of his endeavors:---------------------------------------------------------| - THE BEST OF THEM ALL...... -----------------------------------Perhaps one of Yuri's best fusions, Dark Seraphim is an ace Fusion, and at level 10, I rate him THE BOSS.

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    Last season was an example of everything that’s great about Survivor: the right kind of returnees; strong casting; and smart challenges, game play, and social strategy.

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