Kristin chenoweth and sean hayes dating

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Here’s what the two had to share: Sean, on the revival of the Broadway show: [Director Rob Ashford]’s approaching it as a play with music, as opposed to a musical.The big poster outside in the Dunkin’ Donuts color scheme says it’s a musical comedy, but the show’s very conceptualized.

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" she told Us Monday at the kick-off to Wendy's Father's Day Frosty Weekend event (June 19-20; learn more at in NYC.

"I wanted to meet Jay-Z and Beyonce, but I got really shy! "I am kind of weird about celebrities and I don't ever really know if they want to say hello to me.

" PHOTOS: What all the stars wore to the Tony Awards Chenoweth, 41, told Us she and Hayes, 39, came up with the idea to share a steamy smooch in response to a recent controversial thing, but we didn’t want to say it." PHOTOS: Kristin Chenoweth and other best dressed stars at the Emmys Chenoweth's only downfall at the show?

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