How to chat without register in malaysia

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With Friendship Points, you can redeem real rewards by simply chatting with friends.1 Friendship Point is equivalent to 1 BCARD Point and can be transferred to BCARD in 1,000 point batches. BCARD is a loyalty program offered by BLoyalty Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Berhad. To apply, simply visit any BCARD participating outlet near you and look out for a BCARD application form, or you can sign up online. To collect Friendship Points, just begin to chat with your friends.

Text messages, stickers, and sticons qualify for Friendship Points. LINE MILEAGE is a program run by LINE Plus Corporation.Through Li NE MILEAGE, users can collect, transfer, then use points like cash at merchants including Starbucks, Caltex, 7-Eleven, Chatime, Lazada, and many more through BCARD.LINE MILEAGE is only available for users in Malaysia with a registered LINE account.What are Fri Friendship Points are points that LINE users can collect through the LINE MILEAGE program.Make sure to enter the correct BCARD account as this is a live system that credits the inputted BCARD account in real-time.

Will I lose my Friendship Points if I switch phones? Friendship Points will only be transferred to your new phone only if you properly migrate LINE.

In order to migrate, you must first create a LINE account using your email and password then login using your new device.

Sending a message to an Official Account does not qualify for Friendship Points. In the LINE MILEAGE dashboard, you must first enter your BCARD number under the “My BCARD” section.

How do I convert my Friendship Points to BCARD Points?

In order to transfer your Friendship Points to BCARD, you must have a minimum of 1,000 Friendship Points accumulated in your account.

In the LINE MILEAGE dashboard, click the "TRANSFER TO BCARD” button.

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