Dating the synoptic gospels

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On February 27, 1933 the Reichstag (German Parliament) in Berlin was set on fire.

In the winter of 64 CE a similar thing happened in Rome.In graduate school my New Testament literature professor, Dr.Ron Cottle, emphasized repeatedly that “life precedes literature." He urged us to study carefully the "soil" of the first century context of the primitive church in the Ancient Near East out of which the synoptic gospels and the other books of the New Testament grew.In my class I show students the following chart of the first century CE to demonstrate this principle.The first thirty years I call the period of (30-60 CE) sees the Jesus movement grow from a small sect of Judaism in Jerusalem to a growing international religion spread throughout the Mediterranean region and increasingly centered in the imperial capital of Rome. Scholars call this "living story of Jesus" as the (from the Greek verb kerusso, meaning to proclaim in the manner of a herald).The term Kerygma means the consequence or outflow of what is preached...

..according to Paul it is the foolishness of the kerygma that saves (1 Cor. was during this period that James and Paul write the first books of the New Testament.

Students are often surprised to learn that all of Paul's letters predate the synoptic gospels.

A great fire devastated two thirds of the city and the mad emperor, Nero, who himself probably started the fire, found his scapegoat in the new sect of “Christians.” In the horror that followed, which even turned the stomachs of the Roman Senator Tacitus, hundreds of Christians were brutally slaughtered — including Peter and probably Paul.

Left: The first page of Mark in Minuscule 544, a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, c. It was shortly after this that a papyrus roll bearing the title: arche tou euayyeliou Iesou Christou (“The Gospel of Jesus Christ”) appeared...

This is the book we know as the earliest written Gospel...

It is what we call and it begins the synoptic gospels tradition.

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