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Gaming Strategy: Ask most guys who visit the city and they will say the same thing: Day game is king.The streets are literally teeming with hot girls during daylight. Girls often go out in mixed groups and most of the late venues with quality women have Russian-style don’t-move-from-table bottle service. Firstly, it’s a 15 minute taxi ride from the center.

I expected to them to be cold like Moscowvites, but was pleasantly surprised.In fact, I found they were some of the nicest people in all of Eastern Europe.The country is still larger off-the-radar for tourists, so foreigners still have a degree of exotic capital and receive a warm welcome as a result.Serbian women are slightly more conservative than those in Western countries, Croatia and Slovenia, but they are more liberal than Macedonians, Albanians and Bosnians. Chance of Hooking up: 3 / 5 Quality of Girls: 5 / 5 Nightlife: 4.5 / 5 Smoking tolerance: 3.5 / 5 City guide ratings explained Bachelor’s budget: $60 per day. Appearance: Frankly, if the women of Belgrade don’t deserve a 5/5 rating, then nowhere does. The grandeur and views from the fortress gives the city an edge.

The city itself is not as pretty as other Balkan capitals, like Ljubljana or even Zagreb, but it certainly beats the likes of Bucharest, Tirana or Sofia.

However, one title the city could claim is the one for “world’s most beautiful women”.

Currency Conversion Belgrade is a great city to visit in summertime. The city is also famous for having “the best nightlife in Eastern Europe”, but it’s completely over-rated.

Every guy in my crew said it was the best they’ve ever seen. The majority of women have dark hair, but you find more blondes here than anywhere in the Balkans.

(Granted there was a lot of skin on show with the heat.) Only my experience in Kiev compares. They have pretty faces and they take great care of their bodies. Demographics: Belgrade has a population of 1.7 million.

Around 90% are ethnic Serbs, with other groups from former Yugoslavia making up most of the rest. As such, they go out of their way to make a good impression.

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