Dating genderqueer person

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There’s a bit of a debate whether genderqueer people who are attracted to more than one gender should identify as either bisexual, pansexual, or queer. Gender presentation does not equal gender identity. That’s okay because there are countless labels you can use: nonbinary, bigender, gender fluid, demigender, or even agender.I think that’s really up to you and what you feel comfortable. Of course no matter how you identify, assholes will think you’re just a special snowflake.

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I can wear a woman’s top, nail polish, and red lip gloss, and people will still call me sir.For my videos/blog posts/podcasts from me, go to Welcome to the Brief Bibble to Being a Gendqueer Person. Filling out forms that ask for your gender is confusing, because they only give you two options: male or female.First, apologizes to Verity Ritchie for stealing their word “bibble.” Hopefully it’s not trademarked. If you feel comfortable with he/him/his, go for it! You can even make up your own pronouns if you want. I try to squeeze in “genderqueer” in the margins, but you might want to ask first.If you’re a designated male at birth (or DMAB) genderqueer person, people think you’re just a femme gay guy. Public bathrooms can be scary when you only have two options.If you’re a designated female at birth (or DFAB) genderqueer person, people think you’re a butch lesbian. I usually go to my local coffee shop’s unisex single-stall bathroom, or if I’m at Target, I use the family/handicapped bathroom. Some people who don’t fit the gender binary don’t like the word genderqueer because either they don’t feel comfortable reclaiming the word queer or they just don’t feel like genderqueer is a good label for them personally.Just remember the three C’s: condoms, communication, and consent.

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This is an installment of the “Stepping Beyond the Genderbread Person” series, offering further explanation to themes and ideas presented in the original introduction article.

Once you start deconstructing our society’s gender norms, you find a lot of our ideas about gender are bullshit.

For example, why are Easy Bake Ovens marketed to girls?

I know plenty of cisgender heterosexual blue collar men who love to cook. Fortunately it’s mostly run by genderqueer people, so there’s little if any exploitation.

And speaking of which, take some time to figure out what you like in the bedroom.

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