Dating after being single for a long time

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If you've done things on your own terms and really have had no one to "answer to relationship wise" in your life for a few years, how do you move into a new relationship and balance your boundaries and just as importantly, your expectations ?Those expectations may or not be blurry as relationships involve another person with their own boundaries and expectations...if one is moving into a relationship after being out of one for a few years and the other has been in long term relationships for years ?How do you balance keeping your sense of identiy with the give and take dynamic of relationships ?Other than the obvious things like open communication, can anyone offer any insight into any personal experiences or people they know who have experienced this ? In a case like this, what you do is focus not on the history of the person, not on your own history as it relates to relationship, but on how the friendship is developing.Spending quality time with someone and having a good understand of yourself I find is the best method for balancing how you approach a relationship. I could be in long term relationship and been out for 10 years but not healed from the past and will take the baggage to any relationship I find myself in.There are characteristic traits of a person who is not healed from past, it may be relationship or even a traumatic experience that will affect this person for life. Once you can find this in the person you are attracted to physically, you have found the balance and something you can definitely work with: 1.

A True Friend Is Conversational What I mean by conversational is that they not only talk, but also take time to listen.

It is not one-sided conversation, but rather a balanced interaction between two hearts and minds that leaves both parties uplifted and enlightened.

Conversation is not forced, but rather flows like liquid gold. A True Friend Is Available No matter how busy life gets, a true friend will always make time to meet, to talk or to listen.

It is that availability that makes this friendship so special, and will grow from strength to strength. A True Friend Is Sensitive Rather than being someone who sucks the very life out of their relationship, a true friend is aware of the needs of the other person.

They know when it’s time to be there, and they also know when it’s time to leave, and even at times to keep silent.

We all need our own space from time to time, and a true friend won’t be offended by this, but will continue to be a true friend with great understanding and compassion. A True Friend Is Humble True friendship cannot last if built upon a foundation of pride, boasting or competition.

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