Dating a muscle woman

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While it is true that a guy’s muscles can make a woman feel attracted to him, it is not the most important thing that a woman looks for in a guy.Some women are totally into guys who have muscles, but as you will discover by watching the video below (it includes photo proof), most women are much more flexible about what they find attractive in a guy and do not require you to have big muscles to qualify for sex or a relationship.

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Yes, some women will only accept a male model with big muscles, but most women are more attracted to a guy’s inner qualities (e.g.confidence, charisma, social intelligence, emotional masculinity, etc) than his outer qualities.If you’re at a shopping mall or walking down the street and see a guy with rippling muscles who happens to have a beautiful girlfriend on him arm, you might start to wonder to yourself, Then, if you listen to the clever advertising messages of fitness centers or weight-lifting supplements, you might begin to think that to “get the girl” you first need to get the muscles.However, if you take a moment to actually think about what you see in everyday life, you will realize that you always see beautiful women with boyfriends or husbands that do not have a perfect gym body.So, no matter what bullshit the body building advertisements are trying to tell you, always make sure you stop to think about what actually happens in REAL life.Again, there is NOTHING wrong with working out and building muscle if you enjoy it, but seriously – you don’t need mega muscles to attract and pick up the majority of women in this world.

Celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have immortalized the body builder image via movies and wrestling TV shows.

Thanks to the use of steroids and TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), these men have been able to build huge amounts of muscle.

They have used drugs to grow bigger muscles that will get them more attention in the media for looking like a monster of a man. If you don’t believe that, then you will likely feel insecure and inadequate for the rest of your life…and guess what?

If you watch a lot of TV and movies that feature men with steroid-based muscles, you might start to feel as though you need to be like them. Women don’t want you to feel inadequate; they want you to be confident.

Yet, if take an honest look at the real world around you everyday, you will notice that pretty much every guy with a hot woman is just an “average Joe.” He will have an average build (or even be skinny or very overweight), average looks (or even be below-average in looks) and will be experiencing an average amount of success in life (or no real success at all). Why do most women have a boyfriend who doesn’t have big muscles? If women liked guys with muscles and only chose a guy based on that, 80% of the male population would be single.

Why do most women lust after guys who are just normal looking guys? Yet, in most developed countries, 30-65% of the men are overweight…and they have a girlfriend or wife or are dating multiple women at once.

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