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I am caring, optimistic and want to treat my woman very special and make her feel safe and protected.

That person your creating is going to be created with two types of blood remember each type have it's manners. It's not easy to chose partner but it's easy to get one.It's not easy to know back grounds of your partner but you can try to trace from him/her without knowing what your up to.Lastly what i can say is, i welcome you as my girl but what have you get in all i written?Contact me if you feel ready for relationship via my personal mail (tamasithe @ gm ail. I am someone who is thoughtful,passionate, loving,faithful,sweet,open about my feelings and what is on my mind for discussion,respectful,affectionate,giving,strong personality,knows what I want out of life and goes out to get it. I opened it up to find a t-shirt Daddy has been wearing to exercise in for a while... And once Daddy's cum gets moist I can taste and smell it almost as though he was here....

Daddy had coated the inside of the shirt with his cum!!! now I have Daddy's shirt to wear all night long so I can sleep surrounded by his scent and feel safe - and when I wake up in the night I ccan lick and suck on his cum and play with his pussy until I fall asleep again.

Briefly i will say that i am cool and easy to everyone.

What i can add on is something general that we post some of our details here looking for partner due to what you like. Getting partner it's not easy even though it's easy. Your luck can drop you on someone what i can say accidentally because meeting someone always come accidentally.

Someone can come to you in order of getting money you have, another one can be looking for where to hide while is looking for someone else, another one come to you thinking that your sweet in bed, another one came to you because your beautiful or handsome. What i think in love there must be s**x and in making s**X nothing we get apart from entering and lastly is to finish (releasing sp**ms).

Another one can come because your famous, another one come after testing how sweet your in bed etc. How he handle others, way she dress, mainly what she like. On side of getting pregnancy most of the time comes accidentally and we go with it.

For me i think we should at least consider some of the issues due that no one is 100% correct. My main issue is on that pregnancy which come even though it comes accidentally or even though it comes when your ready for it.

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