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It's not my thing but sometimes business takes me to these places. glowingesperasza, if you are really that interested, why don't you go to see yourself and then report back to us here?;-) women in b-2-b sales in china go to these places regularly as it's part of the china sales process to entertain your clients.

Ok, I have heard many stories about hostess bars in China and that when men go in, they can either have a hostess assigned to them or choose the girls on their own.The girls light their cigarettes and play games with them, etc. Is it true that they are just a front for there something more?I am curious about these places and want to ask some brave men to step forward and share their stories of what actually happens in these place? I've been in many of these places in China - probably over 100 times in the last few years.Simple, you choose the size of room and are then taken there.Not all the girls are prostitutes, but of course some are and I've seen guys disappear upstairs for a while with the girl of their choice.What amazes some of my colleagues is that I never pick a girl and certainly would not even think of anything else.

The first few times I went to these places I found it mildly amusing but with time it becomes extremely tedious.

So some of these places are a front for prostitution, some are not. Some men enjoy going to these places, others do not.

Various Mama-sans come in with a line of girls and the guys pick a girl as their companion.

If they don't like the girls in the first batch then another batch come in.

Lot's of drinking and drinking games usually over dice.

The girls are there to also top up your glass all of the time so more beer flows.

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