Becky buckwild and frank entertainer dating

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A judge won't let a lil' sex tape drag "Buckwild" star Shae Bradley through the mud ... in fact, she says she asked Johnson to delete the recording after they broke up. the judge felt Shae would suffer irreparable harm if the tape goes wide.

The judge has set a formal hearing for next week -- that's when Jesse can take his best shot -- oh yeah, he already did that on the tape. We talked about the show before it aired, and you seemed worried. How conscious of making good TV are you at this point? There would be times when no one was doing s*** in the house and me and Saaphyri would get up, like, “Yo. Watching you, it struck me how evolved you are as a reality TV contestant. I love Angelique, but the fact is that I would have rather her gone than me or Saaphyri. That would have been so easy: you came in dead last, goodbye. Wasn’t the way you teamed up with Saaphyri to plot against Angelique during the Power Outing betraying your alliance and doing the same thing 20 Pack ended up doing to you? We teamed up against the whole house before we teamed up against Angelique. It’s not like we were teaming up against Angelique, we were teaming up against the other person in the box. ), Buckwild failed to score that cash and even after months of filming, she’s pissed about that. Now that all has been edited and packaged, you’re happy with the result? Let’s go fight with people.” The fact is we’re getting paid to make a television show.

Our long talk below attempts to cover all the show points — her relationship (or is that -ship? Contrary to everyone else’s opinion, I liked the way I came off on this show. We’re not getting paid to lay in the bed and sleep all day. You can appreciate that he was given a rough position, right?

) with the Entertainer, her rivalry with Myammeee, her thoughts on 20 Pack, her slavish investment in the game’s rules, her “bullying,” etc. But at the same time, my goal was getting the $250,000 at the end.

But more than that, it explores why Buckwild feels like she was done wrong both by How was your time on the show?

Literally, that s*** took at least an hour because they knew I was full of s***. Who hysterically cries when their friend fake faints? She told me 20 times before we went that she wasn’t going to do the damn show.

So, you and Saaphyri hatch this plan for her to faint and for you to hysterically tend to her. In order for me to convince an entire crew of people, who know this is a fake fainting to actually bring a real ambulance to the house, was very challenging. Even though people were laughing at me, I committed. That seemed like a hell of a way to treat a friend. She sat there before the show telling me that she only wanted to be there for a couple of weeks because she had to get back for school. I care about her, but f*** it, I knew she wasn’t going to win. Plus, she was just looking like an idiot and the longer she was on the show, the dumber she kept looking, the sluttier she kept looking and I was like, “Bitch get out of here before you f*** everybody and look like a whore.”And then there was Frank.

Me and Saaphyri had talked about her fainting the night before by ourselves, which meant the entire crew knew we had it planned. Well, there was the 15-minute vault rule, but apparently it doesn’t apply if someone passes out. I think your aggression probably mattered more than the act itself. I wrote him back and said, “It’s an interesting tactic to lie to me about doing the show and ask me for a favor.” He wrote me back this long message that was like, “I will never give a f*** about what you do in your life…” I was just like, “F*** this guy.” Grow up. You tried to convince Leilene to quit the show for your benefit. The bitch had just written a blog like, “Why I’m pissed at Becky Buckwild,” and you expect me to go on the show and have your back?

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