An error ocurred while updating

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Device Manager|0|Work Scheduler [PIN:0x111111] - Processing complete Device Work Item - owner: "Device Software Manager Model", ID: 13, type: Data Transfer Operation, description: "Check for Updates" .901|DEBUG|46|Rim. Device|0|[Rim:: Desktop:: Services:: Device:: App Loader:: Loader Client:: Get Bundle Summary: PIN:0x1111111] Pin: 1111111, Guid: 4B44 AF66739EDB8EBC7F04881A5B13F136B1B275 hardware: 8400270A, vendor: 0, os Ver:, apps Ver: null, IMEI: 111111111111111, BSN: 111111111 .907|DEBUG|46|Rim.

an error ocurred while updating-42

Device|0|[Rim:: Desktop:: Services:: Device:: App Loader:: Loader Client:: Handle Loader Error] Error description: Software update is disallowed by device IT policy .907|DEBUG|46|Rim. From within Black Berry App World the following message is displayed: An error occurred while updating your application list.In My World, the list of uninstalled applications is also empty displaying the message You do not have any uninstalled applications.If an attempt is made to download a previously purchased application from the App World Client it may prompt to Purchase.If you're using OS X Yosemite v10.10.5 and see a message, "An error occurred while configuring your Server" when you open Server app, make sure you've installed the OS X Server v4.1.5 update.To avoid interruption of services, OS X Server updates aren't installed automatically.

Every time i try to go anywhere in my return on i get the following error An error occurred while updating the entries.

Earlier this morning I was able to get to "Tax Return", but when prompted to pay, I clicked "Buy Now" and it took me to an error page that said "Server Application Error".

Won't let me get to "Review" bar or file my return.

[1] [9est:0] [HTTPProgrammer] [0x000020ac] [HTTPProgrammer.cpp:729] Error updating device software. Unable to connect to device, requesting user guidance.

Error: 23 [1] [9est:0] [Loader] [0x000020ac] [Loader.cpp:4834] Unable to connect to device; requesting user guidance [10] [9est:5] [Loader] [0x000020ac] [Loader.cpp:4190] Errors: [20] [9est:5] [Loader Rpc Server:: On Async Op Complete] [0x000020ac] [Loader Rpc Server.cpp:3406] Complete event: lop_writecfg [20] [9est:8] [Loader Rpc Server:: Update Device] [0x000023ec] [Loader Rpc Server.cpp:1887] Update websl upgrade status - PIN(), hardware(), vendor(0), apps( to ), platform( to, bundle(, radio(, code(4112), remote(1), retries(0), message(Error summary: overall result 4112 [errors encountered: 4112]. User response is cancel): result "" .507|DEBUG|88|Rim. Software Updates|0|[Device Software Manager Model]: Error: A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. reported .507|DEBUG|Device Work Manager Worker(Rim.

Device Manager|0|Device Manager Finished Work Task: "[PIN:0x11111111: Device Software Update]".901|DEBUG|38|Rim.

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